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Need a new laptop now? Lenovo's generous shipping and return policies make us a great alternative to your local computer store - with a far bigger selection to choose from. With Lenovo, you can have the latest laptop technology delivered to you. No fighting traffic. No... Read Portables près de chez-moi

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The trouble with shopping for desktop PCs at a computer store is that there are so few models on display. The focus is more on portable devices, leaving desktop buyers little to choose from. But when you shop online at Lenovo, you see our entire desktop line-up - with free... Lire Ordinateurs de bureau près de chez-moi

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Video gamers need to move fast and keep things simple. See the competition, beat them - and get out! At Lenovo, shopping for gaming laptops and gaming desktops is fast and simple, too. Our selection is huge. And we offer free shipping and returns on virtually everything we sell... Lire Ordinateurs de jeux près de chez-moi

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Chromebooks are popular because they're affordable and easy to use. But have you tried to find one at a local computer retailer lately? It's anything but easy. And it's why so many shoppers turn to Lenovo - your virtual "Chromebooks near me" store, thanks to free shipping and.... Read Chromebooks près de chez-moi

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If you've been thinking about trying a 2-in-1 laptop - one of those portable PCs you can switch from laptop to tablet and back again - there's no better place to shop than Lenovo. Our Yoga 2-in-1s are industry leaders. And not only do we ship for free, we'll let you return...Read 2-in-1s Near Me

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Nous y sommes tous passé. You have your new laptop or desktop PC. But you need a cable adapter for your monitor. Or maybe you want a smart doorbell, so every ring won't force you to get up from your desk. Don't drive to the computer store. Order online from...Read PC Accessories & ‘Smart’ Devices Near Me