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En tant que service

En tant que service

Go from data center, to Data-Centered with a Lenovo pay-per-use infrastructure solution, powered by Intel®, that scales with your business — not after it.

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions for The Data-Centered


As data becomes the driving force in all aspects of business, IT agility is more important than ever. Now, you can ensure you're always equipped with the latest technology, and that it can scale however and whenever you need. So you can focus less on maintaining your infrastructure, and more on maintaining your momentum.


TruScale™, Lenovo’s flexible and affordable subscription-based infrastructure solution, gives you complete control of your data with no minimum, no lock-in, and 24/7 remote monitoring and management.


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Smarter manufacturing

Learn how Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest motorbike and scooter manufacturer, eliminated downtime to empower more people.

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24/7 availability

9+ million moving customers

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Concevez la meilleure stratégie informatique pour votre entreprise

Votre voyage mérite une évaluation approfondie. From simple to complex, we'll work with you to find the right solution for your one-of-a-kind strategic and business needs.


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Lenovo TruScale works for large enterprises to small businesses with data center solutions and services for on-premise or at the edge - all without having to purchase equipment. TruScale can be applied to any configuration to meet your needs - whether storage-rich, server-heavy, hyper-converged, or high-performance compute - and scales as business dictates.
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Discover how Lenovo's pay-as-you-go subscription can offer your business seamless scalability, complete control, and reduced risk with virtual briefings from Lenovo's Executive Briefing Center. Explore our briefings to better understand Lenovo's TruScale service offerings.
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Insights from Lenovo Tech World’20

Watch the Tech World'20 session recording of The Flexible, Agile (and Smart) New IT Business Imperative to learn how SAP is using consumption-based IT as-a-service to bring the cloud to their customers. And take advantage of 140+ on demand content on the future of innovation.
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No two strategies are alike. We look at your infrastructure, identify your challenges and constraints, and find the right solution for your one-of-a-kind business. We show up with our thinking caps on to understand your business goals and uncover your best opportunities for digital transformation.
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Vos besoins sont spécifiques, et nos consultants et techniciens experts peuvent y répondre grâce à leur expérience étendue du secteur et à une profonde connaissance technique

Services de solutions

Services de solution

Concevez la meilleure stratégie pour votre entreprise. Nous collaborerons avec vous pour trouver la bonne solution pour vos besoins commerciaux uniques.
Services d'installation

Services d'installation

Accélérez votre cycle de productivité. Nous vous aiderons à simplifier l'implémentation de nouvelles technologies pour que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur votre entreprise.
Services d'assistance

Services de soutien

Sauvegardez votre investissement informatique. Nos experts seront là pour vous aider, dans le monde entier et à n'importe quelle heure du jour ou de la nuit - 24/7/365.
Services d'infrastructure TruScale

Services d'infrastructure TruScale

Améliorez votre capacité à échelonner votre matériel, vos logiciels et votre assistance informatiques et changez d'infrastructure rapidement en fonction de vos besoins.

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