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Services de solution

Design the best IT strategy for your enterprise

Que votre projet soit simple ou complexe, nos experts collaborent avec vous pour trouver la bonne solution pour vos besoins stratégiques et commerciaux uniques.

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Design the best IT strategy for your enterprise

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    Evaluating your current environment, identifying fiscal or technological constraints, envisioning system and infrastructure improvement opportunities, and testing the possibilities—each aspect is essential as you develop your road map for change.

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    Assessment Workshop

    Your business is unique, and so are your server, networking, and storage needs. An assessment workshop offers a complete discovery of your business challenges, priorities, and limiting constraints to develop a tailored strategy.

    • Evaluate trends and best practices to identify opportunities for IT system and infrastructure improvements
    • Plan power and cooling infrastructure for high-density systems and cloud-based environments, as well as retail and campus environments
    • Receive a strategy document describing future state with specified solution
    • Outline of project scoping and transformational implementation

    Design Services

    Based on your company’s distinctive demands and growth goals, we’ll blueprint solutions that help expedite your time to value and reduce the need for specialized expertise from your IT staff.

    After conducting an Assessment Workshop to define and prioritize your objectives, the Lenovo team will help design a solution, run a proof-of-concept lab test, and chart the course for digital transformation.

    We can help you:

    • Evaluate your current environment
    • Identify budgetary or technological constraints
    • Envision opportunities for system and infrastructure improvements
    • Test the possibilities

    Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

    Use and pay for on-premises data center hardware and services as a subscription instead having to buy them outright.

    You get a data center experience that’s:

    • Cost effective. Pay only for what you’re using, not what you own. You’ll get the convenience of a monthly fee instead of the burden of huge upfront capital expenses.
    • Flexible. Easily adjust capacity or add new hardware as your business needs grow. Your custom plan gives you what you need, whenever you need it.
    • Hassle-free We deploy, monitor and install to help ensure maximum uptime, ROI, and achievement of your business goals. A dedicated Customer Success Manager serves as your long-term success partner and handles your issues exclusively.

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    With businesses relying more on hybrid infrastructure environments, it’s critical to have a trusted partner who can design, implement and support full hybrid and multi-cloud solutions in order to obtain the full value from an Infrastructure as a Service offering.

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