Services d'installation


Services d'installation

Simplifiez la mise en œuvre des nouvelles technologies

Accelerate your time to productivity so you can focus on taking care of your customers and growing your business

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Simplifiez la mise en œuvre des nouvelles technologies

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    Services d'installationLes meilleurs accessoires

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    Implementing a new solution can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive task, and you need to minimize risks while ensuring your new solution meets your unique needs.

  • Hardware Installation

    Hardware Installation

    Technology has accelerated the speed at which businesses operate, deliver, and grow - so rapid time to productivity on new investments is critical.

    Lenovo experts can seamlessly manage the physical installation of your server, storage or networking hardware, so you can quickly benefit from your investment.

    When you choose Lenovo Hardware Installation, you get a service that is:

    • Efficient – So your IT staff stays focused on higher priorities
    • Convenient – Arranged to fit your schedule
    • Seamless – Our experienced technicians perform the installation from end to end
    • Sensible – Pre-installation checklists help avoid wasted time and extra expense
  • Services de déploiement

    Services de déploiement

    Implement a concise best-practices deployment methodology to install and configure administrative and user features, conduct the knowledge transfer session, and more with Lenovo Professional Service engineers.

    Comprehensive deployments include:

    • Configuration and integration for:
      • Servers, storage, and networking
      • Systèmes d’exploitation
      • Logiciels
      • Configuration de virtualisation
      • Configuration à haute disponibilité
    • Validation
    • Formation pour les tâches administratives
    • Documentation post-installation
  • Factory Integration Services

    Factory Integration Services

    Rely on experienced installation and testing technicians who will complete your system’s configuration and deployment tasks, as well as quality assurance testing, at the point of manufacturing.

    Voici certains avantages :

    • Receive complete functionality and stability testing and hardware performance testing to avoid on-site installation pauses
    • Ensure that images are installed, tested, and fully compatibility with Lenovo hardware
    • Définissez les paramètres du micrologiciel au centre de fabrication et déployez-les uniformément dans votre environnement
    • Apposez des numéros d'inventaire riches en informations et inviolables sur chaque composant avant la livraison
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