Lenovo St Patrick’s Day Sale: Save on high tech PCs and more

It's the day of the shamrocks, leprechauns and all-out celebration when St. Patrick's Day comes around once a year. And while many are wearing, drinking, or celebrating all things green, you'll find that here at Lenovo, we're trying to save you some green by offering big savings on the latest laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, accessories and more.

So before you suit up in green (you know, to keep the leprechauns away), and head out with your friends or family to consume a green beverage, don’t forget that on the same day each year, Lenovo is unveiling deep discounts on a staggering number of our top tech devices.

Need an upgrade for your day to day or business needs, check out our stylish IdeaPad laptops or rugged ThinkPad laptops. Looking for something a bit more fun to help keep the party going? Hop onto the latest PC games with our Legion gaming laptops and gaming computers. Need a tablet to stay in touch as you hit the town this time next year? We have those too, and so much more.

So don’t delay, shop our St. Patrick’s Day Sale dès aujourd'hui.

Lenovo St Patrick’s Day Deals: Laptops

St. Patrick's Day sends many potential party-goers into a frenzy each year as they try to track down every green article of clothing. If you're lucky in the search or planned your outfit days in advance, we hope you'll have a bit of time left over to shop of the best laptop deals of the year… Read St Patrick’s Day Laptops

Lenovo St Patrick’s Day Deals: Desktop PCs

If you're more the "stay at home and celebrate" type, you might just be a good candidate for a desktop PC! And if you're thinking that desktop PCs are as ancient as St. Patrick's Day itself, you may be surprised to know that there are still hundreds of benefits to owning a desktop PC: more power, more expandability…and even slick, space-saving options that are as impressively styled as any modern laptop... Lire St Patrick’s Day Desktops

Lenovo St Patrick’s Day Deals: Gaming PCs

If you're one that enjoys a good celebration, like St. Patrick's Day, then you might just appreciate a modern gaming PC that can give you a little nudge towards victory in today's latest and greatest PC games. We're not promising the skill to go with it, but the latest Lenovo Legion gaming laptops and gaming desktops can certainly boost your performance so that old tech doesn't directly lead to frustrating defeat. So get the pieces you need in place to compete at a higher level, and save a good bit of cash while you're at it... Lire St Patrick’s Day Gaming PCs

Lenovo St Patrick’s Day Deals: 2-in-1 Laptops

St Patrick's Day is celebrated in many ways across the globe, so depending on your friends or family, you might have to be a bit flexible about how you celebrate: some prefer a feast at home, some go dancing, some have an Irish movie marathon, and some hit the town. So if you're flexible enough for any of the above (OK, we can skip dancing) then you might enjoy a flexible 2 in 1 laptop... Lire St Patrick’s Day 2-in-1s

Lenovo St Patrick’s Day Deals: PC Accessories & Smart Devices

Maybe you've forgotten. Ok, we forgive you if you didn't know too, but Lenovo does more than just laptops and computers. We also do more than just Lenovo! Today at Lenovo you'll find hundreds of name brand electronic accessories, tech gadgets, smart home devices, and so much more. And guess what? The discounts extend to more than just computers too. So if you're in need of a new headset, laptop bag, desk chair, printer, smart home device, or practically any other electronic device you can think of, check in this St Patrick's Day to see what's on sale... Lire St Patrick’s Day PC Accessories & Smart Devices