Solutions OEM


Solutions OEM

Shift your focus from operation to innovation

With Lenovo OEM, you'll get innovative technology that lives up to your product standards, including the highly-respected Lenovo brand, our award-winning world-wide support, and flexible OEM programs which deliver excellent solutions at a low cost.

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Shift your focus from operation to innovation

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    Stake your reputation on ours

    Your OEM solutions require an industry-leading partner with global presence to get your product to market quickly. Team up with a partner who knows the market: Lenovo has been working with global companies like yours for years and offers support in more than 160 countries.

    Trust Lenovo, rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction by TBR and #1 in Reliability by ITIC, to manage design, manufacturing, distribution and support, and shift your focus from operation to innovation.



    Build a custom solution

    Build a custom solution from the full Lenovo Enterprise Portfolio: ThinkSystem servers, storage and network switches. The platforms span across scalable mission critical servers, rack and tower servers, dense optimized, and blade servers, mid-range and AFA storage, and Fibre Channel and Ethernet network switches.

    Lenovo understands what's important to you. Notre programme FEO vous offre de l'assistance pour la conception de solutions, la personnalisation, la fabrication, l'intégration, la logistique d'exécution et la gestion du cycle de vie afin de favoriser votre succès tout au long de la durée de vie de votre produit. Choose Lenovo OEM Solutions, and stake your reputation on our award-winning portfolio, our global presence, and our record as an industry leader.


    Build a custom Lenovo solution
  • Partenaires


    Lenovo has a powerful ecosystem of OEM Partners

    Lenovo OEM Solutions are available through reps you know and trust. Our OEM Partners are listed below. They offer value-added, complementary services and bring the resources and capabilities you need to bring your solutions to market rapidly and efficiently.

    • Guichet unique pour les produits Lenovo et de tiers
    • Installations d'intégration certifiées pour la conception, l'essai et l'expédition de votre solution
    • Capacités de personnalisation pour ajouter vos couleurs, vos noms de produits et votre marque
    • Ressources dédiées à la gestion de votre produit, de sa conception à son lancement, en passant par son cycle de vie
    • Options de financement

    Our OEM distributors:

    • Avnet Embedded
    • Arrow OEM Computing Solutions
    • Datatrend Technologies
    • FoxGuard Solutions
    • Momentum Microsystems
    • Sanmina-Sci
    • Synnex Corporation
    • Unicom Engineering, Inc.



    Powerful ecosystem of OEM Partners


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