Lenovo ThinkAgile SX pour Nutanix

Lenovo ThinkAgile série SXN3000 avec support 42U

Lenovo ThinkAgile SX pour Nutanix

Turnkey hyperconverged rack-scale for maximum data center agility, simplicity

Designed for easy deployment, the Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Nutanix integrates Lenovo ThinkAgile HX series appliances, premier Lenovo networking and management infrastructure into a turnkey system, backed by Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage services.

  • Simplifiez votre infrastructure informatique
  • Increase your agility
  • Enjoy a seamless end-to-end experience

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Turnkey hyperconverged rack-scale for maximum data center agility, simplicity

  • Caractéristiques



    • Turnkey hyperconverged rack-scale system
    • Integrated state-of-the-art ThinkAgile HX Series appliances, Lenovo networking and management
    • Virtualization ready
    • Hybrid cloud or ready-to-go data center
    • Backed by world-class Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage services and single point of support

    Vue détaillée des modules du commutateur et de réseau du Lenovo ThinkAgile SX piur Nutanix

    Break free from IT silos

    Operating a data center increasingly involves complex tasks, such as managing multiple silos of servers, storage, networks, and mission-critical applications. Consequently, IT departments often spend most of their budget maintaining this infrastructure, instead of investing in new projects.

    Your Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Nutanix (SXN) system dramatically simplifies data center management and frees up your IT staff by accelerating your time to delivery, facilitating a seamless experience, and reducing your total ownership cost.

    Designed for easy deployment and manageability, the Lenovo ThinkAgile SXN integrates state-of-the-art Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series appliances, premier Lenovo networking and management infrastructure into a turnkey, virtualization-ready system. Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage provides comprehensive lifecycle support and case management.

    As the first hyperconverged rack-scale solution in the market that incorporates Nutanix software, the Lenovo ThinkAgile SXN also includes innovative features that simplify your data center administration, giving you the freedom to delight your customers.

    Lenovo ThinkAgile série SXN3000 avec support 42U

    Simplifiez votre infrastructure informatique

    ThinkAgile SX systems ship from Lenovo factories to the customer site fully integrated, tested, and configured for breakthrough time-to-value and reduced business risk. Thanks to innovative Lenovo factory automation of many onsite steps, ThinkAgile SXN helps customers realize significant time and cost savings for up to 80 percent* faster deployment.

    * Visitez le Wikibon 2016 for more information

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  • Fiche technique

    Fiche technique

    • Support 42U
    • Customer Provided Rack
    • Support 25U
    • 1X 1Gbps Lenovo G8052 RackSwitch (Management)
    • Choice of 2x 10Gbps Lenovo G8272 RackSwitch (SFP+) or 2x 10Gbps Lenovo NE1072T(10Base-T) or 2x 25Gbps Lenovo NE2572 or 2x Lenovo Ne1032 (25U Rack only)
    • Industry-unique Lenovo ThinkAgile Network Orchestrator for automated, on-the-fly switch configuration
    Nœuds de calcul
    • 4-31 nodes of any combination of HX1320, HX1520-R, HX3320, HX3520-G, HX5520, HX5520-C, HX7520, HX3720 for total 36U rack space***
    • 4-20 nodes of any combination of HX1320, HX1520-R, HX3320, HX3520-G, HX5520, HX5520-C, HX7520, for total 16U rack space**
    Network Adapter LOM Each ThinkAgile HX automatically configured to support Intel dual-port 10Gbps (SFP+ or 10Gbase-T) corresponding with network switch, with option for 2 additional 10Gbps ports, for a total of 4x 10Gb ports per node, plus 2x additional top of rack switches
    Processeur Up to 2x Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors, up to 205W, depending on ThinkAgile HX node
    Mémoire Up to 3TB in 24x slots, using 128GB DIMMs; 2666MHz TruDDR4, per ThinkAgile HX
    Capacité de stockage 4 - 24 bays: 3 - 20x HDDs, up to 24x SSDs, ThinkAgile HX dependent
    Hypervisors Supported VMware ESXi, Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V
    Software and Systems Management Nutanix Acropolis OS, Lenovo XClarity Integrator for Nutanix, Nutanix Prism
    License Options Lenovo XClarity Pro (included by default), Nutanix Pro and Ultimate

    ** Node count may be reduced if 4x 10Gb port option per node is selected
    *** The 42U rack can support up to 36 of the HX3720 nodes alone

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