Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950

Performance, gérabilité et résilience exceptionnelles

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  • Gestion Lenovo XClarity 

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Performance, gérabilité et résilience exceptionnelles

  • Caractéristiques


    Reliability redefined

    Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 is designed for your most demanding, mission-critical workloads, Engineered from the ground up to deliver “always-on” reliability, and featuring multiple levels of resiliency to protect data, the ThinkSystem SR950 is built to ensure continuous operations.

    With XClarity, integration management is simple and standardized, reducing provisioning time up to 95% from manual operations. ThinkShield protects your business with each offering, from development through disposal.

    Le noyau critique

    The powerful 4U ThinkSystem SR950 can grow from two to eight second-generation Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable family CPUs, delivering up to 36% total performance improvement over the first generation processor.* The modular design of SR950 speeds upgrades and servicing with easy front-and-rear access to all major subsystems, to keep your data flowing.

    * Based on Intel internal testing, August 2018.

    Unparalleled performance

    Deliver real-time insights for real-time businesses.  The ThinkSystem SR950 boosts application performance with a combination of CPU, memory, storage, and I/O technology enhancements, to provide the fastest throughput for your most data-hungry workloads.

    Workload-optimized support

    Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory delivers a new, flexible tier of memory designed specifically for data center workloads that offers an unprecedented combination of high capacity, affordability, and persistence. This technology will have a significant impact on real-world data center operations: reduction of restart times from minutes down to seconds, 1.2x virtual machine density, dramatically improved data replication with 14x lower latency and 14x higher IOPS, and greater security for persistent data built into hardware.*

    * Based on Intel internal testing, August 2018.

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  • Fiche technique

    Fiche technique

    Format/hauteur Support/4U
    Processeur (max.) Up to 8 second-generation Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors, up to 28x cores per processor, up to 205W
    Mémoire (max) Up to 24TB in 96 slots, using 256GB DIMMs; 2666MHz / 2933MHz TruDDR4, supports Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory
    Fentes d'extension
    Jusqu'à 14 fentes PCIe à l'arrière (11 fentes x16 + 3 fentes x8), 2 fentes ML2 et PCIe x16 partagées et 1 LOM; plus 2 fentes RAID dédiées à l'avant
    Stockage interne (total/remplacement à chaud) Up to 24x 2.5" bays supporting SAS/SATA HDDs/SSDs, including 12x 2.5" NVMe SSDs
    Interface réseau Jusqu'à 2x (1/2/4 ports) 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 25 GbE ou adaptateurs InfiniBand ML2; plus 1x (2/4 ports) 1 GbE ou carte LOM 10 GbE
    Power (std/max) Up to 4x shared 1100W, 1600W or 2000W AC 80 PLUS Platinum
    Caractéristiques de sécurité et de disponibilité Lenovo ThinkShield, TPM 1.2/2.0; PFA; Hot-swap/redundant drives, fans, and PSUs; internal light path diagnostic LEDs; front-access diagnostics via dedicated USB port
    Composants à remplacement à chaud/redondants Blocs d'alimentation, ventilateurs, dispositifs de stockage SAS/SATA/NVMe
    RAID Optional HW RAID; M.2 boot support with optional RAID
    Gestion des systèmes Gestion intégrée (XClarity Controller), infrastructure centralisée (XClarity Administrator), modules d'extension (XClarity Integrator) et gestion centralisée d'énergie (XClarity Energy Manager)
    OSes Supported
    Microsoft Windows Server, SUSE, Red Hat, VMware vSphere. Visitez le lenovopress.com/osig pour plus de détails.
    Garantie limitée 1- and 3-year customer replaceable unit and onsite service, next business day 9x5; optional service upgrades

    Les caractéristiques peuvent varier en fonction de la région.

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