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Windows 10 Pro means business.

The Time to Migrate is Now

Adopting new technology is often a matter of timing as organizations work to get every last ounce of functionality from legacy hardware and software before upgrading. However, the business-critical improvements and features of new Lenovo devices running Windows 10 can propel innovation and increase efficiencies that impact the bottom line - benefits your customers can't afford to put on the back burner indefinitely. Use these essential assets to start and nurture a conversation about the business benefits of deploying Lenovo devices running Windows 10.

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Sales Guide: The Cost of Doing Nothing

Use this step-by-step guide to start a conversation about the risks of using outdated devices and the benefits of Lenovo laptops, 2-in-1s and tablets running Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Office 365. Learn how each asset helps you tailor the conversation to your customers' needs. Pre-defined campaign steps help you launch and nurture engagement.

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Email: Windows 10 Migration Introduction

Security is on every IT pro's mind. Start a conversation about Lenovo Windows 10 devices built from the ground up with the latest security features including built-in data encryption, automatic security updates, and FIDO-based certification. Just download this OFT file and personalize it with your contact information.

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Start a Conversation Today

Lenovo Devices Running Windows 10 Makes Business Sense

Performance: New Lenovo PCs power your business with 65% faster multi-tasking

Security: Powerful new security features protect against even the most advanced cyberthreats

Cost Savings: Productivity soars with enhanced performance and IT automation built in

ROI: Forrester Research says new Lenovo devices running Windows 10 have a 188% ROI


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Lenovo Windows 10 Security and Productivity Infographic

Use this infographic to help customers visualize the power of a Lenovo Windows 10 solution.

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Windows 10: Five Reasons to Migrate Datasheet

Migration to Lenovo devices running Windows 10 is an investment in the future - that begins paying off today. Use this datasheet to fuel an ROI analysis.

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Lenovo Windows 10 Product Family Flyer

Leverage this flyer to share the diverse and growing portfolio of Windows 10-enabled Lenovo products.

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Windows 10 Migration Flyer

This flyer highlights the powerful benefits of Windows 10 and Lenovo’s robust Windows 10 portfolio.

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Nurture Interest and Deepen Engagements with Thought Leadership

The assets below support a deeper understanding of the impact Lenovo and Windows 10 have on security, performance, and productivity. Let experts help you highlight the business value of Lenovo running Windows 10.

Telesales Guide and Call Scripts Foster Engagement

The "Cost of Doing Nothing" campaign telesales guide delivers call scripts, conversation starters, FAQs and value props designed to guide live customer engagement. Qualifying questions, objection handling support, and a glossary of Windows 10 features keep your conversation fluid and on track to maximize migrations.

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The Total Economic Impact of Windows 10 Email Template

Tailor this OFT email to deliver Forrester’s research supporting the business benefits of Lenovo devices running Windows 10.

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Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact of Windows 10

Forrester’s “Total Economic Impact™” study examines the benefits organizations may realize after implementing Windows 10.

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Forrester Infographic: The Total Economic Impact of Windows 10

Through four customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester developed a composite organization of 20,000 employees with 24,000 client devices summarizing that Windows 10 has a three-year-financial impact.

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Customer Churn Windows 10 Email Template

This OFT email template connects robust security advances in Lenovo Windows 10 devices to higher customer satisfaction and lower customer churn.

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Windows 10 Migration Webinar

Share insights from Lenovo and Microsoft experts who discuss security features that protect companies from even the most advanced cyberthreats.

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