Equipping Your IT Infrastructure to be Future-ready for Workforce Mobility

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Windows 10 Pro means business.

Why Lenovo for Mobility

Almost 40% of the global workforce is mobile and this percentage is only going to increase in the coming years. Globalization, digitization, increasing customer demands are few of the reasons why more and more organizations expect their employees to be able to work from anywhere, anytime, and in any way that they need to.

With Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops and tablets powered by Windows 10 Pro, employees get the freedom to work anywhere with uncompromising performance, durability, and security.

custom grid x1 carbon 1092x251
ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Ultrathin, ultralight 14" Ultrabook

custom grid x1 yoga 1092x251
ThinkPad X1 Yoga

2-in-1 14" business convertible

custom grid x1 tablet 1092x251
ThinkPad X1 Tablet

13" 2-in-1 business tablet

custom grid t480s 1092x251
ThinkPad T480s

Thin and light 14" business laptop

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Why Choose Lenovo Mobile Devices

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Finest Materials

Lenovo devices use a top cover comprising of carbon fiber foam between two layers of carbon fiber that results in a much thinner and lighter device.

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Unmatched Innovation

All Lenovo devices come with superior engineering and innovation, like enhanced WiFi connectivity to stay connected anywhere and Owl Wing Cooling that provides 38% increased airflow for better cooling and a lower failure rate.

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360-degree Security

Lenovo provides best in class security with features that fit into the device’s hardware, like Match on Chip Fingerprint Reader (MoC FPR) reader and discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM).

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Long Battery Life

Lenovo, with its internal 3 cell batteries and external swappable batteries, provides extended hours of battery life with single charges that run almost an entire day. The rapid charge option can charge the device from 0 to 80% in less than 1 hour.

Download the buyer's guide, solutions brochure, white paper, datasheet, and infographic below for more details on Lenovo solutions for Workforce Mobility.

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Lenovo Transforms Mobile Productivity

Workforce Mobility Channel Toolkit

Solidify your role as a trusted Small Business advisor with this workforce mobility toolkit designed to help expand your product, service, and financial portfolio knowledge.

(Please open the Toolkit in a PDF viewer versus a web browser to get full functionality of the file.)

Download Toolkit

Workforce Mobility Buyer's Guide

Transform Your Mobile Workforce

Mobility doesn't always mean traveling. It also refers to the employees who are constantly on the move in the office or the growing number of employees who are choosing to work from home. Enabling this mobile workforce needs careful prepping of the IT infrastructure. This guide covers:

  • How to enable workforce mobility
  • Key aspects of a good mobile device
  • Why choose Lenovo mobile devices
  • Mobile security
  • Lenovo Cloud solutions

Download the Guide

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Workforce Mobility Solutions Brochure

Enable Maximum Productivity for the Mobile Workforce

Everywhere around the world, the workforce is on the move. To get the most out of mobility, it's critical to have a future-ready infrastructure that can keep pace with the new age workforce and style. This brochure covers:

  • Why Lenovo for mobility
  • Key features of Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Series, T Series and E Series devices
  • Lenovo's software and service offerings
workforce mobility solutions brochure

Workforce Mobility White Paper

Devices are Decisive

Today's workforce is on the move. And as an organization embracing the digital wave, you need to ramp up your mobility game to ensure that your workforce is productive. This white paper elaborates on the technological nuances Lenovo incorporates in its devices that help the mobile workforce be at their productive best.

Three Essentials of Mobility

  • Uncompromised Productivity
  • 360-degree Security
  • Reliable Durability

Get the White Paper

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Mobile Security Solution Datasheet

With the rise of the mobile workforce, the need to minimize security risks like device theft, data accessibility, and malware attacks is also increasing. This datasheet covers Lenovo's comprehensive user access control technology, data protection, and port and physical protection features such as:

  • Windows Hello - Uses a camera specially configured for near infrared (IR) imaging to authenticate and unlock a device
  • Windows 10 Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Provides Cloud-based management services to control business and personal devices
  • ThinkShutter Camera Privacy - Slide the shutter built into the front-facing camera to the closed position to protect your privacy

Get the Datasheet

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Infographic: Better Secure Than Sorry

You Need to Think About Security for your Mobile Workforce

If the challenges of managing a mobile workforce and keeping your company's information secure keeps you up at night, Lenovo has solutions for you. In this infographic, we discuss Lenovo's 360-degree approach to security which includes:

  • User Access Controls
  • Port and Physical Protection
  • Data Protection
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Five Reasons Why Lenovo is a Difference Maker

5 reasons why lenovo is a difference maker v3
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