Lenovo Partner Credit and Lenovo Financial Services

Lenovo offers easy financing options for you and your customers.

Financing for Partners

Gain an advantage over the competition through Lenovo Partner Credit. Lenovo Partner Credit, a program of De Lage Landen (DLL), offers the ability to have more equipment on hand for faster delivery, time and time again, through a cost-effective alternative finance source.

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Benefits of Lenovo Partner Credit

  • 60 Days interest free inventory financing
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Credit line dedicated exclusively to Lenovo Products
  • Better cash flow management
  • Increased profitability
  • 100% advance on inventory purchases
  • Ease of borrowing
  • Consolidation of payables with common due dates
  • Higher credit line increases purchasing power
  • Online efficiencies

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Requirements for Partner Credit Approval
  • Applicant is owned and operated in the United States, or is a branch of an international organization operating in the United States
  • Credit lines available up to 500 000 $


Support & Information Contact

Dave Healy
Program Manager 
[email protected]

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Financing for Your Customers

Lenovo Financial Services (LFS) provides financing options that enable a total solution for you and your customers.

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Current Promotions

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Lenovo Financial Services Promotions Overview Flyer

From deferring new technology payments to providing short-term solutions to support a work-from-home staff, we have
options for you.

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Lenovo Financial Services 90 Day Deferred Offer Flyer

No payments for 90 days and predictable, low monthly payments make it easy to budget for your Lenovo solution.

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Lenovo Financial Services Short-Term Rental Options Flyer

Support your employees working remotely with the technology and services they need during these unprecedented times
and without making a commitment beyond 12 months.

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Lenovo Financial Services Subscription Offer Flyer (US)

The LFS subscription offers a disciplined, cost effective method to procure hardware, software, support and services with reduced risk and greater flexibility than traditional capital expenditures.

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Benefits of Lenovo Financial Services

LFS provides you:

  • Ease of business with “One-stop shopping”, competitive financial options and dedicated support
  • Ability to sell more equipment and services via a bundled solution; include hardware (PC, Server, etc.), software, and services into a single “Total Solution”
  • Drive higher margins by adding value-added services along with LFS rebates (1% on Fair Market Value and 0.5% on $ out purchase options for rate card priced transactions up to 250 $K)
  • Customer footprint control
  • Expanded credit lines and improved DSO

LFS provides your end-user customers:

  • Capital preservation by using a budgeted expense vs. an upfront capital outlay
  • A tool to buy more with less while expanding their purchasing power
  • Ability to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enhance their productivity with the latest technology combined with refresh options
  • Predictability in expenses with low fixed payments structures that match their cash flow
  • Ability to bundle costs and finance 100% of their entire technology solution

Getting Started with Lenovo Financial Services

We require a simple review process to gain approval for Lenovo Financial Services and a signed program agreement. Call or email to start the review process or obtain more information.

[email protected]

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