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Available at or after point-of-sale.

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30% Off Premier Support for AMD Laptops

Now through June 30, 2020, Premier Support is 30% off for all AMD laptops!

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Get a Free Year of Premier Support Promo

Your customers can benefit from Premier Support’s advanced IT solutions, priority service, and extensive end-to-end case management.

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Lenovo offers cost effective services that your customers need to support and protect their valuable investments.

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Premier Support

Dedicated 1-800# for direct access to Lenovo badged, level 2 technicians. Get personal, expert support on hardware and software with onsite warranty repairs, as needed.

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Education PremiumCare

Advanced level Education PremiumCare technicians are available 24x7 by phone, chat or email or you can submit service tickets in batches using the online e-ticket batch tool.

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Depot or Courier

Parts and labor repair coverage where shipping (including packaging) or delivery to the repair center is paid for by Lenovo.

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Parts and labor repair coverage where labor is provided by a Lenovo technician at a customer's place of business if problem cannot be resolved over the phone.

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Accidental Damage Protection

Protection from unintentional damage caused by drops, electrical surges, and liquid spills. Includes LCD accidental damage protection.

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Keep Your Drive

Cost-effective, convenient and secure way of retaining your drives and confidential data in the unlikely event of a failure.

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Parts and labor repair where the customer is responsible for shipping (including packaging) or delivery to authorized warranty provider or repair center.

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Sealed Battery Warranty

Provides a one-time replacement in the event a defective or faulty sealed battery fails to meet minimum performance standards.

Services Tools

Warranty Matrix 1920x250
Warranty Matrix (WAMO/SPL)

Downloadable file for selecting the proper PC services part numbers.

Download WAMO

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Lenovo SmartFind

Quickly find compatible and recommended services and accessories for Lenovo Client products.

Launch SmartFind

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Services Videos

Learn more about Services tools, resources, incentives and portfolio offerings.

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Why Premier Support?
hero services premier difference video 1920x530
Premier Support Difference
hero resource handling services objections video 1920x530
Handling Services Objections
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Premier Support Resources

Lenovo Premier Support provides direct access to skilled and experienced Lenovo technicians offering comprehensive hardware and software support. 

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Premier Support TopSeller Bundles Flyer
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Premier Support Flyer
hero resource services premier support battlecard 1920x530
Premier Support Battlecard
hero resource services premier support faq 1920x530
Premier Support FAQ
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Identify Premier Support Prospects Flyer
hero resource services premier support monitors 1920x530
Premier Support for Monitors Battlecard
hero resource services premier support smb 1920x530
SMB Channel Premier Support Battlecard
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Deploy, Post Deploy, and Lifecycle Resources

Provide your customers with deployment, post deployment, warranty and protection services from Lenovo.

lenovo services accidental damage protection battlecard 1920x530
Accidental Damage Protection Battlecard
hero resource services accidental flyer 1920x530
Accidental Damage Protection Flyer
lenovo services keep your drive battlecard 1920x530
Keep Your Drive Battlecard
hero resource services keep your drive flyer 1920x530
Keep Your Drive Flyer
hero resource services warranty services flyer 1920x530
Warranty Services Flyer
hero resource services warranty transition flyer 1920x530
Warranty and Transition Services Flyer
lenovo services warranty upgrades battlecard 1920x530 v2
Warranty Upgrades Battlecard
lenovo services warranty extensions battlecard 1920x530
Warranty Extensions Battlecard
hero resource services post warranty flyer 1920x530
Post Warranty Battlecard
hero resource services sealed battery flyer 1920x530
Sealed Battery Warranty Flyer
hero resource services tech install flyer 1920x530
Tech Install Customer Replaceable Unit Flyer
lenovo services asset recovery battlecard 1920x530
Asset Recovery Battlecard
na battlecard after point of sale services upgrade 1920x530
After Point of Sale Services Upgrade Battlecard
na battlecard legion ultimate support 1920x530
Legion Ultimate Support Battlecard
na battlecard sealed battery warranty 1920x530
Sealed Battery Warranty Battlecard
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Services for Education Resources

Lenovo’s comprehensive portfolio of services enable your Education customers to customize the protection and support they need.

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PremiumCare for Education Flyer
hero resource services annual refresh 1920x530
School Year Annual Refresh Flyer
hero resource services school year 1920x530
School Year Warranty Flyer
hero resource services for edu 1920x530
Services for Education Flyer
na flyer accidental damage protection 1920x530
Accidental Damage Protection Flyer


Services Solutions Centre (SSC)

Services questions? Contact us.

Contact us [email protected] about questions related to Services part numbers, compatibility, features and benefits. 

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET (Mon. - Fri)


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