Mémoire Optane d’Intel

Intel® Optane™ memory accelerates the performance of your portable, ordinateur de bureauou station de travail. In simplest terms, Optane memory keeps your most frequently used data - boot files, software programs, and so on - close to your processor, so it can be utilized almost instantaneously. This is far faster than calling the same data from your storage drive, or even from RAM.

Optane memory does not replace RAM or internal storage but rather works in conjunction with it. Intel launched Optane in 2017, first as discrete memory modules that snapped into an M.2 slot on the PC motherboard. Later, Intel debuted Optane-enabled solid state storage drives (SSDs), combining the best of both NAND Flash (the typical SSD media) and Optane acceleration.

Lenovo puts Optane memory in multiple portable, ordinateur de bureau et station de travail models. It's an option that's worth considering - especially for anyone who likes to keep their important business, gaming and other files on large, traditional HDDs. Compared to the HDD alone, a system with Optane acceleration will boot up and open your favorite applications with noticeably greater speed.

Qu’est-ce que la mémoire Optane?

Most consumers first experience Intel Optane memory in its M10 module form, where Intel has positioned it as a way to get expensive, SSD-style speed and responsiveness in systems equipped with less expensive (but slower) spinning HDDs. Optane H10-enabled SSDs are also popular - showing that even in SSD-equipped systems, Optane acceleration can enhance system usability considerably.

Benefits of Optane memory

Here are the most oft-cited advantages of putting Intel Optane memory in your new PC:

  • Intelligent acceleration: Optane adapts and adjusts as you use it. By learning your computing behavior, your most common and repeated tasks can be made faster over time.
  • Greater responsiveness: With your start-up files and other critical data in Optane memory, your PC will boot faster, file searches will go more quickly, and saving large files can happen in a snap.
  • Capacity plus speed: HDDs are often favored over more costly (but faster) SSDs for users with lots of game files, project data, etc. Optane can make using HDDs nearly as fast as using SSDs.

Best of all, Optane memory is non-volatile, meaning the data within it is retained even when your PC is shut down. This makes it different from data placed in your volatile RAM, which disappears each time you power off.

Comment la mémoire Optane fonctionne-t-elle?

Intel Optane combines a unique kind of memory media (3D XPoint, explained below) with advanced memory management software such as Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST), effectively merging your PC's memory and storage into what Intel considers a single, virtual drive. The combination, Intel says, delivers significantly better overall system speed.

Optane memory modules work only with Intel's seventh-generation Core i processor platforms and later and require special, M.2-slotted motherboards capable of hosting the Optane chip. And while Optane has benefits for systems equipped with SSDs, its acceleration capabilities will be most noticeable to users of old-style spinning HDDs.

Optane memory advantages

Optane memory's biggest advantage is probably its non-volatility, meaning its data doesn't disappear when the system powers down, as is the case with traditional DRAM. This makes Optane ideal for accelerating the boot process, since system launch data can be held in the Optane module and be ready as soon as you press the Power button.

Avantages de haut niveau de la mémoire Optane :

  • Représente une solution de rechange moins chère aux ordinateurs à deux disques durs comprenant à la fois un petit disque dur à circuits intégrés (SSD) pour le démarrage, et un disque dur traditionnel de plus grande taille (HDD) pour la mémoire de masse
  • Accelerates both initial system boot and software launch times – it can even pre-fetch email or page content from favorite websites
  • Accélère l’accès à des données spécifiques parmi de vastes quantités de données (les amateurs de jeux n’ont pas envie de perdre leur temps à attendre que l’ordinateur trouve leurs données de jeu de 10 Go sur un disque dur de 5 To)

Plus, because Optane adapts to how you use your system, it learns which programs you use most often and, essentially, positions their launch data at the front of the queue.

XPoint 3D et la mémoire Optane

Optane memory is based on 3D XPoint technology jointly developed by Intel and Micron. 3D XPoint (pronounced “cross-point”) seeks to fill the functional gap between fast but volatile (and relatively expensive) DRAM and less costly, non-volatile NAND Flash. While a revolution in its day, NAND Flash has comparatively high latency (the delay between an input/output (I/O) request and the resulting response from a drive), leading some advanced users, such as gamers, to complain of bottlenecks.

La technologie XPoint 3D de la mémoire Optane possède un temps d’attente plus court que la mémoire Flash NAND (mais pas aussi court que la mémoire DRAM). Toutefois, elle possède une densité de données plus élevée que la technologie DRAM, et donc une plus grande capacité de stockage. Cette approche à faible latence/haute capacité distingue les technologies XPoint 3D et Optane des autres solutions d’accélération.

Optane memory for business users

Les utilisateurs ordinaires remarqueront un démarrage plus rapide. But business users - whether home office, SMB, or enterprise - can get even greater benefits from Optane memory:

  • Tout fonctionne plus vite : la mémoire Optane permet de tout lancer plus rapidement : les navigateurs Web, les programmes de courriel, les logiciels de réunion à distance, les diaporamas, ainsi que toutes les applications typiques d’un business desktop or laptop. Au bureau, cela permet une productivité accrue. Sur le terrain, cela permet d’effectuer des présentations de vente et des démonstrations de produits plus efficaces, à un rythme accéléré.
  • Cost savings: With Optane capable of making less expensive HDD systems run nearly as fast as ones with SSDs, Optane puts SSD-like performance within the financial reach of most small business computer buyers. For enterprise computer buyers, the savings multiply. Et, au fur et à mesure que les ordinateurs dotés de la technologie Optane sont mis en marché, tous les types d’acheteurs disposeront de nouvelles options.

In addition to business users, Optane memory delivers benefits to video game players, too.

Optane memory for gamers

Competitive computer game players want the fastest, most responsive systems possible, not only for game-action input/output (I/O) but also for rendering complex graphics, managing in-game commentary and messaging, and so on. De plus, les amateurs de jeu ont besoin de gros disques durs afin de stocker leurs jeux; certains d’entre eux peuvent dépasser 20 Go, et avoir une taille à l’installation de 100 Go, voire davantage.

Traditionally, gamers - especially those on a budget - had to balance the speed and responsiveness of SSDs against their substantially higher cost (particularly in larger capacities). Mais avec la mémoire Optane d’Intel, les fabricants de PC peuvent bâtir des ordinateurs avec des disques durs traditionnels (HDD) moins chers et de grande capacité, tout en offrant plusieurs des fonctionnalités accélérées associées aux disques durs à circuits intégrés (SSD).

Plus, game engines are constantly ingesting vast amounts of data, so Optane's memory cache (Optane memory modules launched with 16 GB or 32 GB module sizes) can provide a larger data holding area to smooth game I/O. And since it's non-volatile, game-play data stored in Optane memory won't disappear when the system is shut down.

Intel and Intel Optane are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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