Portables ThinkPad

The ThinkPad is one of best laptop for any business and the ThinkPad X200s has been no exception. At Lenovo, we continue to improve and update our products for you-new cutting-edge features, upgraded productivity enhancements, faster, more powerful processors, and expanded memory and storage. Everything you need to meet the demands of your business-reliability, power, and productivity. With that in mind, although the ThinkPad X200s is no longer available on Lenovo.com, we invite you to view our new X-Series laptops and other ThinkPad models.

Still need resources?

Already a ThinkPad X200s owner and just want to expand your work from home or office setup? Nous sommes là pour vous. Découvrez nos accessories page that features docks, hubs, monitors and more. All the bells and whistles you want to be even more productive. And yes, the X200s continues to be supported, so if you a have a question or need a part-no problem. Contact our support team. They are happy to help.

Tout se résume à cela. If you're looking for the best laptop to fuel your business or if you need accessories or support for your current ThinkPad model, you can find them today at Lenovo.