Portables pour étudiants de moins de 500 $

Si vous êtes étudiant ou parent d’un étudiant, vous savez que le fait d’avoir un portable n’est pas optionnel. Given all of the expenses involved with attending university, however, most folks can't afford to take a sky's-the-limit approach when buying a laptop for school... Lire Les meilleurs portables pour étudiant à moins de 500 $

Parent's Guide on How to Find the Best Laptop for University

So your kid is heading off to university - congrats! By now you're probably racing through the lists of things they'll need while away from home: Food, clothing, dorm room essentials (yes, childhood teddy bears count!), etc... Lire Best Laptop for Your University Student

Must-have Computer Accessories for University

Les portables sont le nec plus ultra en matière d’informatique portative, mais cela ne veut pas dire qu’un portable ne peut être rendu encore plus utile avec les bons accessoires. If you're a student, or someone looking to help a student out with a thoughtful gift... Lire Must-have Computer Accessories for University

Quel est le meilleur portable pour étudiant?

When shopping the best student laptops for school or university, it's important to choose features that meet your budget and fit the student's educational and lifestyle needs -- both today and in several years when they're completing their course curriculum... Lire Quel est le meilleur portable pour étudiant?

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