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Intelligente keeps the world connected

Lenovo continues to create smarter technology for all during a time when it's needed the most. In 2020 we witnessed the power of connectivity-how it can bring people together and how it can isolate marginalized communities and individuals. By developing innovative products and technologies, we're using connectivity to bring freedom, opportunity, and belonging to the world and fostering a level playing field.

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What’s seriously lightweight, extremely flexible, & always connected?
Meet the ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga 2-in-1 business laptop—it’s just over 2.5lbs, includes a 5G option, and boasts an audio system worthy of a mobile conferencing hub.
Une technologie plus intelligente pour tous
Smarter reveals new worlds

Students go across the planet with Lenovo Virtual Reality Classrooms. En savoir plus

Deadly venom turned potential medicine

ThinkPads helped turn the world’s deadliest toxins into medicine. En savoir plus

Smarter builds bridges

Lenovo workstations enable development of fully functional 3D-printed steel bridge. En savoir plus

À propos de Lenovo

À propos de Lenovo

Harnessing the power of connectivity

Smarter levels the playing field

In a world turned upside down, people need to stay connected more than ever. At Lenovo, we take pride in fearless innovation, as we lead the way in keeping communities together and businesses running through smarter technology. En savoir plus