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Transition Service Advantages

Services Lenovo - Services de transitionLenovo's comprehensive portfolio of Transition Services streamlines and maximizes the efficiency of complex IT projects. Our customized Deployment Automation and Managed Services minimize touch points and user disruption, while saving your organization significant cost and time.

Pourquoi Lenovo?

  • • Single source to manage the entire lifecycle of your hardware assets
  • • Dedicated engineer assigned to your company or project
  • • Experienced Solution Architects to develop robust imaging or deployment strategy
  • • Processes standardized globally
  • • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified


Factory Integration

Factory Integration Services enable accurate configuration and encryption of your PCs before shipment. You'll have asset readiness and security from day one.

Chargement de l'image

Lenovo's Image Load Service reduces technician and deployment time by loading your customized image in production.
Learn more about Imaging Services


Encrypt and secure company sensitive data.

Currently supported encryption solutions:

  • • Sophos© Ultimaco SGE/SGN
  • • Microsoft Bitlocker©


Deliver customized messaging to end-users as soon as they open the box.

First Boot Service

First boot done on the manufacturing line, saving valuable time, resources and cost.

First Boot Service provides:

  • • Microsoft© Sysprep process
  • • Device driver installation
  • • Common applications that must be installed per PC/user:
    Antivirus, LANDesk, SCCM
  • • Hard drive encryption

Asset Tagging & Laser Etching

Enables immediate control of IT assets from day one.1

Capacités d'étiquetage standard      Numéros d'inventaire améliorés


  • •  Codage par code à barres standard
  • •  Texte défini par le client (nom de l'organisation, numéro de téléphone, coordonnées du soutien technique, etc.)
  • •  Ajouter le numéro de bon de commande


Capacités d'étiquetage standard plus :

  • •  Codes QR à barres 2D
  • •  Numéro IUID exigé par le gouvernement des États-Unis
  • •  Adresses MAC
  • •  Lignes et boîtes sont supportées
  • •  Expiration de la garantie, dates de fabrication ou de fin de location


Le numéro d'inventaire d'un client peut être placé dans le BIOS du système pour permettre au logiciel de gestion de votre PC d'inventorier et d'enregistrer tous les biens de votre organisation; ainsi, vous gagnez en temps et en précision2

Gravure au laser

Protect your PC assets from theft while providing a unique means of promoting school spirit.2

Lenovo Laser Etching Service


Learn more about Asset Tagging and Laser Etching services

Deployment Automation Services

Take the complexity out of large deployments. Our scalable services streamline stream-line the efficiency of your deployment by automating mundane and time intensive desk-side tasks.

Migration sur place

Lenovo's In-Place Migration Service automates the end-users experience, reducing the risk of data loss and the costs associated with desk-side implementation. 30-40% lower costs, 50% faster migration.

In-Place Migration Solution provides

  • •  Windows XP or Windows Vista migration to WIN7/WIN8
  • •  Lower risks, user downtime, and disruption to your business
  • •  Evaluation of application and hardware compatibility
  • •  Multi-vendor support; hardware independent images
  • •  Full installation of OS and applications
  • •  Data migration

Learn more about In-place Migration services


Services de déploiement avancés

Lenovo's Advanced Deployment Services provide automated desk-side configuration and data migration customized to your end-user. Improve the efficiency of your deployment while improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Services gérés

Simplify complex implementations with our experience and expertise. Asset Recovery Services outline the development and execution of sustainable corporate disposition strategy. For projects with broad requirements, you can depend on Lenovo's technical and service knowledge to drive resolution to your business issues.

Service de récupération des actifs

Let us help your organization develop and execute a sustainable corporate disposition strategy, including documentation and certification of data destruction and environmental processing.

Learn more about Asset Recovery services

Service Account Managers/Technical Account Managers

SAMs: Problem resolution, pervasive problem management, reporting, team meetings, customer visits.
TAMs: Product support, develop and maintain consistent communication, work to support Lenovo and customer KPIs.

Services financiers

A flexible financing solution to complement your technology and maximize your purchasing power.

  • •  Total solution provider with competitive rates
  • •  Finance all brands of hardware, software, service contracts, installation costs, training fees and even the sales

Learn more about Financial Services


Nous sommes là pour vous aider. Appelez au 1-866-968-4465 pour parler à un représentant Lenovo.

  1. 1  A Customer Asset Tag number can be placed into the system BIOS allowing your PC Management software to automatically inventory and report on all of the assets in your organization, saving you time and increasing accuracy.
  2. 2  Laser Etching is only supported on ThinkPad Products(Mobiles) and only in the US. All products and offers are subject to availability.


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