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Online Data Backup Advantages

Lenovo Services – Online Data BackupEncrypt and secure your business data with Lenovo Online Data Backup Enterprise Edition - a simple, automatic and secure way to protect your organization from the potential risk of business critical data loss from laptop and desktop PCs.


  • •  World-class military grade encryption for security and peace of mind
  • •  Administrative console makes set up and on-going management easy
  • •  Commercial-grade back-ups, off-site storage and anytime/anywhere restore capabilities
  • •  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of more than 30% versus in-house PC back-up solutions

Le saviez-vous?

  • •  Every week 140,000 hard disk drives crash in the U.S.¹
  • •  It has been estimated that 1MB of data is worth approximately 10 000 $ (U.S.)²

What is Online Data Backup?

Partnered with EMC, the industry leader in storage solutions, Lenovo 's Online Data Backup - Enterprise Edition (OLDB - EE) is a comprehensive data protection solution that requires no infrastructure investment. OLDB-EE not only offers significant savings relative to in-house PC backup solutions, but is more efficient, less operator-intensive, and less prone to human error than tape-based approaches.

Business Class Performance

  • •  Data De-Duplication – when multiple users share files, OLDB EE saves only the most recent version of the master document
  • •  Open/Locked File Support – backs up all open and locked files, including e-mail
  • •  Version Support – restore from multiple file versions within past 30 days
  • •  Network Drive Support – back-up networked or mapped drives

Options de stockage

10GB Storage – 1, 2 or 3-year options

Customers purchase a pooled storage of 10GB per user per year, where that storage can be allocated to employees based on individual requirements via the administrative console. Pooled storage can be distributed as needed, in any increments, up to the total pooled storage purchased.

Unlimited Storage – 1, 2 or 3-year options

Unlimited storage provides scalability to meet data backup requirements year after year without having to purchase additional storage, ensuring predictable and manageable budgets throughout the year. You will receive uninterrupted, continuous service with less administrative effort and a fixed price over the course of the term purchased.

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  1. 1  Google: Failure trends in large disk drive population, February 2007.
  2. 2  Pepperdine University: The Graziadio Business Report, The Cost of Lost Data, Volume 6, Issue 3.

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