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Protection en cas de dommages accidentels



Why Buy Accidental Damage Protection?

Services Lenovo - Protection en cas de dommages accidentelsLenovo's Accidental Damage Protection provides coverage beyond the base warranty and protects your notebook or tablet1, from operational or structural damage caused by common accidents.

  • •  Lenovo trained technicians and Lenovo Qualified parts reduce the need for re-repair
  • •  Single, up front investment enables accurate prediction of yearly system repair costs
  • •  Comprehensive diagnostic tools identify hidden damage that may have otherwise gone untreated
  • •  IT departments don't have to purchase and manage spare parts inventory
  • •  28-80% savings relative to the cost of repair or a new system (depending on machine and repair type)
  • •  If repair is not possible, the entire system will be replaced at no additional charge2
  • •  If you are entitled to Onsite Warranty, your Accidental Damage Protection claim may be repaired at your location4

Average Out-of-Pocket Repair Costs


Motherboard: up to 500 $



Hard Disk Drive: 300 $



DVD Drive: 200 $



Major Tablet Damage: 600 $



Minor Tablet Damage: 250 $



Display: 450 $


What is Accidental Damage Protection?

What's Covered?3 Exemples
  • •  Accidental drops
  • •  Spills, bumps
  • •  Electrical Surges
  • •  Integrated screen damage


  • •  Your system accidentally slips off the table and the LCD screen cracks
  • •  An electrical surge causes significant damage to your PC's hardware
  • •  Coffee spills on your keyboard and the extent of damage is unknown

Lenovo's Accidental Damage Protection gives you the peace of mind to know your investment and budget are protected from the hassles of unexpected repairs and expenses.

Add Accidental Damage Protection to your system now. Nous sommes là pour vous aider. Appelez au 1-866-968-4465 pour parler à un représentant Lenovo.

  1. 1  Available for upgrade on notebook/tablet systems within 90 days of purchase. Service term begins concurrently with product warranty. For ThinkPad Tablets, repair is limited to one service "event" per year with one replacement (if needed) allowed over the lifetime of the tablet
  2. 2  Limitation of one replacement product. If the cost per claim exceeds the price of the product, the product will be replaced. Tablet claim cap: limited to one claim per 12 months.
  3. 3  This service is available in the country or region in which you purchased your Accidental Damage Protection coverage, and is not transferable should the system travel to another country
  4. 4  If you purchase an On-Site Warranty with Accidental Damage Protection, On-Site service level repairs will be limited to LCD and non-customer replaceable keyboards. Si nous ne pouvons pas effectuer la réparation lors de la première visite sur place, le système sera expédié au Centre de service de Lenovo pour réparation.


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